Quelytics — cloud technology for queue size estimation by video surveillance cameras

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Statistics of queue sizes for your cash desks

Building of the optimal working schedule

Quick notifications about large queues

SMS, E-mail

Integration to your system

Information about queue sizes on your shop screens

How does it work?

We use equipment already mounted in your shop

Video surveillance cameras shooting cash desk

Special application is installed to any local computer in the shop network

Frames are sent to the cloud for people counting by using of modern Deep Learning algorithms

Our advantages

usage of already installed cameras and computers reduces costs

you are able to query us for a trial testing or access to demo‑account

low price, subscription service

easy integration

How to try the system?

Just contact us!

Please send an email message to require access to demo acount with preconfigured cameras. You can also require a test account to evaluate the system on your cameras.


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